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Website Redesign Reasons
Why Redesign Your Website ?
March 8, 2017
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Alireza Moghaddam GLWIZ TV Commercial
March 13, 2017

Good Web Design is Crucial for Many Businesses

Having a well designed website is crucial for many businesses – after all, many potential customers will visit your website before they ever come through your door. Your website is often your first impression and if you do not have good web design, it could end up being your only impression.
When designing (or redesigning) your website, your web design services company should factor in a number of principles to ensure your website is both effective and representative of your business.

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Is it Usable?

The goal of a good business website is to give the user a good experience – one that will ultimately entice them to buy from you. In a well-designed website, the user will know instantly what the website is about, navigation will be simple and intuitive and the call to action will be clear and easy to do.
Do not underestimate the laziness of your user. If your website is difficult to understand or does not give your user what they are looking for with minimal clicking, they are likely to go back to the search engine and find a website that will give them what they are looking for.


Space on your website is just as important as it is in traditional media. Website designers are constantly coming up with creative ways to use space. Space helps to create flow or a focal point on your website. Consistency in spacing is important for a professional looking website and will help with your overall user experience.

The About Us Page

This is a page that you almost always see on the websites of small and medium companies – and for good reason! If your business is not yet a household name, many of your potential customers will want to know who you are before they buy from you.

Your About Us page can cover a number of topics ranging from how the company started, who the original owners were/are, as well as your mission and vision statements.

Contact Information

Even if your business is strictly online, it is important for many users that they have a way that they can contact you. You can either include your physical address along with an email address and telephone number or you can use an online contact form.

Call to Action

What would you like your visitors to do once they visit your website? Are you looking for them to buy from you? Get a quote? Sign up for something? The call to action in your website should be clear, easy to do and your web design and content should compel the user act.


If your website contains many pages, a search feature will help your users navigate your site to find what they are looking for. Remember, even large sites should not be complicated and the better experience you give your user, the more likely they are to be repeat visitors.

Awesome visuals

Whether it be beautiful photographs or cool graphics, you want your site to be visually appealing. Good web design will incorporate images that are both appropriate to your brand, and are engaging to your users.

Good website design factors in a number of elements and principles. Using these principles in your own website will be key to your online success.

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