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Distributing Your Message to Big Screen

If you would like to show something like a promotion, product or service update, or incoming event, you can easily present that content to any screen.
You can control content updates in real-time from your computer.

Digital Signage Made Easy

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Plug device into the HDMI port of any TV screen.
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Publish and manage your content online.
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Content is sent to Magham devices.
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Your content shows up on all screen connected to device.
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Managing Your Content

Digital Signage makes it easy to organize your content and present it. You can choose a few diffrent views to dispaly on your screen: one, two, three, or four sections of content at a time. If you display one section, one image takes up the whole screen. With four, the are broken up into quadrants.
You can control the timing for how long each section of the screen displays before transitioning, giving you the seamless transitions you'd like.

Digital Signage, Simplified

So What Do You Need To Get Started?

So Who Made All This Cool Stuff?

Magham is a privately held company based in Ontario If you are looking for Digital Signage company that does Signage differently, well you just found it! since March of 2006, Magham has been helping businesses improve their sales and build a captive audience using our FREE Digital Signage.

Our mission is to empower companies and organizations with cutting edge digital Signage that's affordable and customizable. We are committed to helping our customers with their Digital Signage needs.