Digital signage in hotel hospitality:

Digital signage makes perfect sense for hotels because it can entertain, inform, and even perform some services for guests. Digital signages are very easy to use and provide crystal clear images to guests that they will appreciate. Below are the most popular ways digital signage can improve hospitality:

1. Provide information about in-house facilities:

Digital signage is perfect for informing guests about the hotel’s options such as in-house fitness center, pool or spa. Digital displays help guests to make dining selections, learn about hours and specialties, as well as any special events like live entertainment.

Digital menu boards help customers make decisions by displaying images of food items and upgrade options. Also, management of a restaurant can easily modify the contents of a menu board, quickly remove or add items and daily specials. A digital poster can be placed outside of the restaurant to show images of the interior and items. Interactive screens enable guests to customize their experience as they seek information. They can choose to see just the information that is relevant to them.

2. Provide concierge services:

Many guests and visitors prefer finding information on their own. So, hotel managers use digital displays or kiosks to deliver information to guests on-demand on their own time. Interactive displays provide information about the area, details of nearby events and amenities, hotel daily activities and events, and nearby attractions. Digital signages ensure hotel managers that guests have all the information they need in an engaging and convenient format.

3. A Directory of Conference and conventions:

No matter the size of the conferences, guests need to have prominent digital signages that guide visitors through the event. Digital displays provide information about speaker details and times and locations of conferences. Wayfinding direct people around the conference and highlight special points of interest. Video walls allow you to pop up a personalized welcome and directions to the right room, area or bar.

4. Entertaining and Welcoming Guests:

Guests want their check-in experience to be as easy and streamlined as possible. Digital signage in the lobby of the hotel can simplify and improve that process. Digital wayfinding leads guests to the right place, video walls display beautiful entertaining content that occupies time and provides a dazzling welcome, show off the property of the hotel. Interactive kiosks speed up the check-in process by offering screens that collect information from guests to expedite their experience. Also, enable guests to schedule services or make reservations at property spas and restaurants.

5. Safety and protecting Guests

When digital screens are placed all over a large property and connected to the same communication system, they can be used as an emergency alert system. In an emergency event like fire, digital screens can release vital details on where they should go, what they should do, and how they can get the resources they need. In large hotels that have multiple buildings, pools, and amenity buildings, video walls can share vital communication in the event of a missing child or separated family member to connect with their family.

6. Gain income through promotion:

Sponsors pay money to promote their brand or company alongside the event, so use digital posters to post their brand name and marketing materials throughout the location. Considering using location for an event, they are a good selling point to negotiate with brands or businesses. Also, hotel managers can use blank space like elevators to advertise brands, products or businesses in the wait to their chosen floor. 


Whether you operate a small or large hotel, Magham digital signage provides the right size, configuration, and price point for your needs. Not only can these systems engage and inform guests, they can be used to keep employees informed too. As a result, a quick return on investment, happier employees, and more satisfied guests are the consequences of using digital signage in hotels and hospitality.

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