Digital signage is a dynamic technology that can be an easy, yet cost-effective way to communicate with customers besides proving your business up-to-date and forward-thinking. Digital signage is available to organizations and businesses of all sizes. Whether you are looking to improve marketing performance, increase revenue from advertising, introduce and promote your staff, or educate and influence clients.

Empower your shoppers when first walks into your retail location with interactive kiosks and allow them to explore your products with ease consumers. Digital posters let shoppers focus on promotions or new products. Keep your consumers informed about new products and special offers. Create an immersive digital experience and attract consumers, so everyone has a personal interaction with your store. Digital signage help retailers attract and influence consumers right at their “point of decision”.

Retailers need all the tools to remain relevant and cost-effective faced with a competitor that plays by its own set of rules. Magham digital signage has a great team of experts who know the technology and what it takes to make your digital signage successful. Select your retail store from our wide range of options to learn more about Digital Signage Solutions. If your industry isn’t listed here, contact us. We’ll be happy to give you examples of how we’ve helped companies like yours achieve success with digital signage.

Digital signage for real estate:

Digital signage for real estate allows brokerage agents and firms to showcase listings and to publish mortgage rate information, training schedules, and much more. Digital menu boards help customers to know about mortgages when they decide in real estate. Keep them informed with daily about what is happening in your real estate office and tips and advice. Run basic information like hours of operation, holiday hours, new locations opening soon, and agent´s news information, etc. Boost your business by advertising lawyers, mortgage companies and banks.

Digital screens that update continually let customers know when the next open house is available for them. and property updates. Choose the basic features you want to tell your audience like date, time, address, etc. Interactive kiosks showcase your property listings. With Magham Digital Signage, your listing runs automatically from your Real Estate screens.

Digital signage for car dealership:

Digital signage solutions help new and pre-owned vehicle stores to increase sales and improve their overall customer image through useful product information.  Every car store doesn’t have a large enough showroom to feature every car so it makes sense to show some of the cars on screens that can be viewed in the comfort of a lounge.  Video walls can assist the dealership to help walk a potential customer through a range of vehicles and features in a very short time. Also, customers can view “how-to” videos to learn how to perform simple automobile repairs.

Digital signage is opening new ways to communicate. Enhance the Vehicle Buying Experience to potential buyers and car owners. Modernize your dealership and engage your audiences by presenting news, videos, advertisement, and promotions. Empower

customers to browse New Vehicle features, colors, options, and promotions, and CSI Score status in your region.

Interactive kiosks help customers to explore vehicle features. With video walls you can influence audiences at the “point of decision”, they provide body shop specials, tire programs to increase awareness, finance offers and promote products like Extended Warranties. Also, Display screens show vehicle inventories with dazzling images and videos. Attract customers, attention and give them a modern look and feel.

Magham digital signage is an industry-leading full-service provider of digital signage solutions for many industries. Our dynamic, innovative, and reliable products include digital menu boards, video walls, digital posters, LED displays, shelf screens, and digital building directories. We offer top-quality displays, custom content design services, reliable software, dedicated technical support and seamless installations across Canada and the USA.

Digital signage for gym and gaming industry:

Each person in gym or gaming venues usually has a lot of time on their hands, so it only makes sense to monopolize on it. These places provide a good opportunity for more effective communication and utilizing digital signage. If you are looking to supply class schedules, promotions, or other relevant health information, digital signage maybe your best medium to connect with your clients. Improve the guest experience by informing and entertaining while creating a modern and visually appealing facility. Inform players of interactive players club promotions and gaming waitlists.

By instantly converting displays into an emergency broadcast system, you can create a safe environment for customers. Digital menu boards impress guests by informing them of quick-service food, food and beverage promotions, drink areas, daily menus, and catering services.

Utilize interactive wayfinding kiosks help players efficiently navigate the facility. This keeps visitors entertained and allows them to have a pleasant experience while they play. Improve customers’ experience with stunning Video Walls in the front lobbies. With digital posters, you ensure consistent branding across your entire facility. By adding Video Walls to the gym or gaming venues creates a big WOW factor.

Digital Signage for Food and Beverage Industry:

No matter the size or type of your business, digital signage is fast becoming a “must-have” for many food markets. Digital signage solutions help owners to put the information right in front of their clients. They quickly update the pricing in a spreadsheet and the prices come up automatically on digital menu boards. Also, engage customers about menu specials and decrease perceived wait times with entertaining images and menu suggestions. Digital screens show prices, photos, videos to reflect the store’s brand and positioning.

Boost sales by promoting items and dynamically adding promotions for perishable items. Incorporate high bright video walls to attract customers from outside your location. Digital screens are used to encourage customers to splurge on an appetizing option. Utilize interactive self-service kiosks to expedite ordering and place orders to avoid long lines. Create a compelling experience that makes customers feel involved in the campaign and engaged with your business.

Digital menu boards allow customers to see clearly what’s available. The results are enhanced customer satisfaction and increased sales. Well-designed digital menu boards that feature professional photography and well-executed animated content are the type of menus that encourage customers to try out new items or buy a complete meal. Digital displays can be a great way to deliver customized messaging, connecting to the right person, the right time, at the right place.

Digital signage for beauty salon and barbershop:

Digital signage is so diverse, it helps you to provide different content for different days, times and seasons. You can personalize your content as much as you want. For example, by celebrating your customers or staff, make them feel super special by congratulating on the digital screens, during their appointment. They can share information such as the date, available facilities, beauty tips, services, discounts, news, and weekly or daily offers in the beauty salon.

 With video walls, you can display your full line of services and focus attention on specific new product lines and incorporate the latest videos in beauty tips and tricks. Also, schedule specific videos or advertisements to play on specific dates and times. A screen on your shop’s window shows off your amazing skills and products to new potential customers. Digital Menu Boards with changing hairstyle images can grab the attention of the customers and can be a tool to upsell higher-margin products and services such as tans, wraps, waxes, and thorough makeovers.

Digital signage for beauty medical clinic:

Digital signage improves patient experience, make information easier to see and understand. Utilize digital screens as medical information boards, so patients have something to look at in their waiting time. Tell them your clinic’s story and history and share entertaining information that educates viewers while positioning your clinic as experts such as seasonal healthcare, display customer FAQ, new treatment offerings and plans.

Video walls change your empty walls places into living and eye-catching advertising and enlightening digital display walls. Digital posters can give customers the ability to find out about new events and cosmetic products you trade. This can raise your cosmetic sales, by given that product details and seller commercials on the screen.

Digital screens can display before and after images of patients. This is a good way to make an emotive connection with the audience. Digital menu boards are developed in response to the needs of the store owner to publish store information like product menu, news, and promotions.


Magham digital signage is a leading full-service provider of digital signage solutions for casual dining restaurants, fast food restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, bakeries, restaurant franchises, quick service restaurants, ice cream shops, food trucks, cafeterias, bars, grocery stores, and supermarkets.

Magham digital signage gives you the ability to generate more revenue by upselling and cross-selling right at the point of sale. We offer custom menu designs, easy-to-use digital signage software, top quality screens, seamless installations, and dedicated technical support.

Digital signage is the best way to truly connect with customers. Results show that the audience who see a product advertised via a digital display are more likely to make an unplanned purchase. If you are looking to increase your sales and revenues, then digital signage may the best way to see the results you desire.