Digital posters are digital images or motion graphics that display relevant information to an audience. Digital posters use in many industries such as start times and ticket availability for an upcoming event, public service announcements, or advertisements for new product lineups. Maybe the simplest of all digital signage displays is the digital signage poster. Digital posters are simple to install and also simply LCD screens placed flat against a wall, therefore, take up little space and this makes them ideal when space is limited.

Digital posters are cheaper, better at engaging customers, and easier to manage Compared to traditional posters. Static posters can still be effective, but digital posters allow video, audio, live news feeds and static images to all be displayed concurrently.

Many businesses make the switch to digital posters and never look back. They prefer to replace traditional posters with clean, crisp, and long-lasting digital posters. They do this to Change messages whenever they want without the expense and hassle of printing. Digital signs are an all-in-one advertising solution that puts the power in your hands.

Types of digital posters:

These displays can be as big as a billboard or as small as a grocery store counter monitor panel. So, the difference between types of digital signage mostly are in their size as follow:

1.Digital Menu Boards:

These displays can be utilized as standalone or networked. The boards make use of an LCD monitor and are most successful in restaurants and bars. The information on these screens can be updated remotely and quickly. Also, they can be customized to display important customer information like source of food, special offers, seating plans and serving times. Digital menu boards don’t only come hung on the walls, however – they can be used as tables themselves.

Modernize your restaurant or bar and engage your customers by displaying eye-catching content alongside your menu. The message displayed on the boards can be scheduled and updated to reflect the time, day and season.

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2. Shelf edge displays:

Shelf edge display is a small display typically from 3 to 10 inch which is used for advertising, product information and product presentation. Digital shelf edges display is ideal for advertising products on the shelves, like fragrance, creams, bath care, beverages, sports equipment, shoes, household appliances, electronics or anything else.

Updating the content is easy on a regular computer. One computer can run up to 72 digital shelf edge displays. It is an advanced way to turn your shop into a modern business that stands out of other competitors on the market. This bright solution will catch any customer’s eye, therefore as an advertising media, it is very effective.

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Benefits of digital posters:

  1. Save money and time:

 By digital posters, unrequited delays and printing costs are eliminated. Every ad in traditional posters has a process that could take significant time and was often expensive. Aspects of this process had to be repeated from poster to poster or billboard to billboard.

  • Cost-effective

Once an advertisement is ready to be displayed to its intended target base, it may simply be uploaded and displayed per the agreement of the equipment owner.

  1. Convenient management:

Digital posters open up a variety of possibilities and scenarios that were previously impossible. The ability to dynamically and quickly update content from one centralized location allows owners to experiment without impacting on their staff labor or operational costs

  • Product recommendations

By using digital posters retailers captivate animated content highlighting and recommending complementary products, like specific makeup brushes for makeup palettes, or the most suitable paste for wallpaper rolls. Besides, interactive content demonstrating hint and tips on getting the best out of the chosen product can also help to create a customer experience that is engaging and has real value.   

  • Price checking

Monitors can be placed wherever advertising may be deemed appropriate and they can update prices and items from anywhere. By integrating digital signage with software that monitors competitor prices, brands can dynamically update their prices in real-time. so, retailers inform customers that live price comparisons have already been conducted, providing reassurance that they won’t get a better price elsewhere.