There are some questions about digital signage that we get asked quite often, so let’s look at the most popular ones.

1Who can use digital signage?
Digital signage is being used across all major industries, including entertainment, banking, retail (beauty salon, car dealership...), hospitality, healthcare, transport, finance, and sport. Digital signs are very flexible, therefore be used for many different purposes. Magham digital signage works with end-users, resellers, and partners and retailers.
2What kind of Content Can You Show?
Digital signage displays can show a wide range of content including any video format, common image, animation formats, websites, and even live television if you have a satellite receiver, cable box or antenna, social media channels, YouTube videos, and interactive presentations.
3How many digital signage systems do you need?
If each screen displays different content, then each of the screens need their separate system. If you mirror the content on two identical displays, a video splitter is used for showing the same content on two different screens.
4What parts of the solution we provide?
Magham digital signage provides a complete turnkey solution or help you with any missing pieces including content management, display software, media players, commercial TV's, and installation
1What warranties are included?
All installations include a 2 years warranty. All displays include a minimum of 3 years of commercial manufacturer warranty. Media players include a 3 years parts warranty.
2What are the software requirements for the digital signage system?
There are three key components to a digital signage system: the digital screen, the software, and the content. software requirements are very simple, allowing anyone to use almost any computer.
3Can you display content on multiple screens?
You can display the same content on all your displays or select to have different content for some or all of them.
4Where can digital signage be used?
Wherever can hang a monitor or place a screen across nearly any industry to reach potential customers. The possibilities that you can use digital signage are endless like retail, education, museums, grocery store, barbershop, jewelry store, Gas Stations, restaurants, optometry, beauty salon, and more...
5What kind of display monitors can you use?
It depends on you, you can use any display like a Computer monitor, LCD or Plasma which supports PC input, or LED.