Content Creation

Magham digital signage own cutting-edge knowledge of animation and can customize content according to your specific needs and requirements. Whether it’s an explainer video or campaign offer, we know how to reach your target audience. Our team of graphic designers help you with all types of visual content.

content can make all the difference in the success of a digital signage solution. Whether content designed to inform, sell or educate the more entertaining and engaging the content the more it will capture attention. It well worth the investment to contract with a professional graphic designer or content creation specialist experienced. There are two types of services you can choose:

1. Annual contract: In this contract, we create more visually stimulating and attention-grabbing content. Our entire creative team have a deep understanding of the human visual attention system and applies that knowledge in every content we create for you.

2. Case contract: Just let us know whenever you need smarter content, it will be done In the least time and in the best way.

Some best tips for developing content are as follow:
1. Keep it moving: Motion, including animation, video, special effects, and other dynamic content, is more eye-catching and compelling than photos.
2. Keep it real: Real-time data deliver fresh, timely, relevant content, and use existing brand colors, harmonies.
3. Size correctly: create the proper screen resolution and aspect ratio to avoid distorted images. adapt sizes to ensure legibility from the distance.
4. Have fun: Even in the most serious and professional environment, digital signage will be more effective if it is entertaining.

Magham digital signage creates smarter content that mesmerizes, influences, and innovates. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (647) 872-9999 and our skilled and experienced team is all set to provide you with a free consultation. To have a better idea of our professional and rich portfolio, please visit our eye-catching digital signage projects.