Digital Signage – design and installation

Whether it’s an existing installation or at the beginning of planning a new project, Magham digital signage are there every step of the way, providing any or all of the following services:
• Pre-staged and pre-tested screens to ensure trouble-free operation
• Complete and integrated custom screens built specially for you
• Shipping and onsite logistics of your materials
• Installation expertise.
Magham digital signage are experts in efficient, cost-effective, well-designed digital signage installation.

People make their first impressions of your company as soon as they enter your lobby or waiting area. More than that, it is your own “voice” reflecting the very vision and personality of your organization. Digital signage isn’t the be-all and end-all solution. It’s best applied as a tool, and like any tool, you get what you put in it especially during the installation process. Installing a successful digital solution involves more than just selecting a suitable display. Key variables to consider include:
1. Location: The position makes all the difference. It’s important to determine the best place where the eyes of consumers will be drawn. Displays should be placed in obvious locations compared to their surroundings. This can attract the customer’s eye and make the message effective. If you select the wrong location, your customers might never see the message at all, so it’s worth the extra thought.
2. Screen Sizes and Types: Different areas require different display sizes. Maybe you set up a single large screen or video wall that welcomes and assists visitors. When using larger screens, you are creating a “wow” factor that amazes customers while ensuring your messages are seen. Everything from demographics to the time of day can influence how the display type, location, and content should be used for your business. Because of this, it’s important to invest time on the front end to evaluate your goals and unique position in the market.
3. Right hardware, innovative, and reliable setup: With digital signage, your investment determines your results. Although you may start with a low quality, cheap alternative, your results directly correlate to the time and attention you devote to this tool. Because of this fact, if you can afford more advanced technology, invest. You won’t regret the benefit to your bottom line.
4. Configuration and Wiring: When signage monitors are planned to installation cables should be hidden inside a drop ceiling or a wall. Also, free-standing displays require a base, if one is not included with the display. Wiring becomes an important consideration with more complicated installations. At a minimum, displays will need to be connected to a power source while keeping cables safely concealed.
5. Media Players and Networking: The media player is a Vital component in a digital signage solution. The key requirement is that the media player supports the kinds of content desired. For example, for smaller installations, like an individual shop, applying a small digital display with a built-in media player is often enough. While networking is not required when each display has a dedicated media player, deploying a network provides enhanced capabilities for scheduling, programming, content management, and remote control.
6. Taking a test: As all technologies, testing a digital signage solution is a critical step along the path to deployment. Running a pilot program help gauge the effectiveness and feasibility of a proposed solution and ensure that technical requirements are met. Taking the time to perform a small-scale test run can identify problem areas that would be more difficult to address further down the road. They ensure that the Signage monitor can easily be viewed during the day and the night.

Magham digital signage is a company that provides a comprehensive solution to install and manage digital signage for all businesses. Magham digital signage takes care of your digital signage installation from conception to a flawless customer or employee experience. Whether your project entails one screen in a single location or multi-screen locations with a time-critical completion schedule, our installation professionals enable us to execute any assignment regardless of scope, complexity or deadline. Magham digital signage can deliver the right solution at the right price on time and to the highest standards of quality and performance.

Magham digital signage provides a wide selection of equipment to meet the needs of any project, with access to the products of all leading manufacturers. Magham digital signage are continually alert to innovation and rigorously evaluate new options to ensure that they deliver the performance, value, and quality that meet the most demanding operating conditions. For traditional and interactive displays, projectors, audio systems, distribution components and much more.

 Magham digital signage is your single reliable source for products and technologies of superior quality. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (647) 872-9999 and our skilled and experienced team is all set to provide you with a free consultation. To have a better idea of our professional and rich portfolio, please visit our eye-catching digital signage projects.